The Gravastar® Max ( LIMITED EDITION )

The most anticipated gadget of 2020 is finally here . Introducing Gravastar Max- the word's first internal Magnetic HI-FI Speaker . With its unique futuristic mechanics and  smart AI integration, this is surely one of the coolest gadgets of 2020
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is not any normal bluetooth speaker . This a very high end product from Gravastar® and has recieved numerous design awards including the AFA 2020
    • YOUTUBE SENSATION- Go to YouTube and type Gravastar Max and you will only find one description in all videos - "the coolest speaker ever"
    • CONSTRUCTION- The robust alien like geometrics with smart LED light interface makes the Gravastar one of the most innovative speakers you have ever seen
    • ULTRA RICH SOUND- The inbuilt dual micro subwoofer speakers give you a seamless HD Music experience with industry leading stereo surround base 
    • DYNAMIC REPRODUCTION- The built in powerful digital analog convertor and signal processor enhances the sonic music range by 3 times and gives a true immersive music experience like never before .
    • THE SCREEN CONTROLS- The onscreen touch array control makes the speaker very futuristic and cool and gives the vibes of a perfect alien cool speaker 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The speaker features advanced Bluetooth 5.0 interface for smooth wireless connection with all your devices
    • FULL ROOM COVERAGE- One of the most amazing features of the gravastar speaker is it room coverage technology . If you keep this in a room , the whole room will sound like a freaking concert hall
    • INTELLIGENCE LED- The Artificial Intelligence and LED integration calibrates to produce different neon light combination which look really cool
    • ALIEN LEGS- The patented  alien like robust legs which makes the Gravastar stand on any surface and gives it a very unique look
    • THE BUILT.- The Gravastar Max is built of 100 % pure aluminium and ABE , thus providing this cool bluetooth speaker an ultra long durability and efficiency

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Gravastar Speaker . All rights reserved and protected


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