The Virtual Auxiliary Sensor ( Gaming Edition )

This has to be the coolest gadget of 2021 . We collaborated with Gamensdef Technologies to bring this product to life and we really think that you will go crazy for this .This device can take your gaming experience to the next virtual levels. Just attach this auxiliary sensor to your headphones and now you can control your game by shaking your head !!!
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- This is world's first auxiliary gaming controller which allows you to control your games through your head and is thus a breakthrough in the gaming community and also of the best gaming accessories for your PC or gaming laptop 
    • CONTROL WITH YOUR HEAD- This little gaming gadget allows you to control all your games ( Whether it is a PC, PS4 or Phone ) with the movement of your head . So now you can easily move , reload , recover using energy drink etc , just by shaking your head
    • CUSTOMISABLE- The inbuilt ultra user friendly software allows you to assign various commands to different head movements and easily customise it
    • LARGE BATTERY- The inbuilt lithium dual microchips provide around 48 hours of continuous playback time and is charged through the included USB Cable
    • COMPATIBILITY- This gaming gadget is compatible with each and every device provided it has active bluetooth connection ( supports Bluetooth 5.0 )
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- The auxiliary sensor is a high end revolutionary gaming device and has completely rocked the gaming community

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official manufacturer and seller of the Virtual Auxiliary Sensor . All rights reserved and protected

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