The Kospet Note ( Smartwatch with SIM card )

Guys , this is the revolution  . We have finally designed the M118 chip which allowed us to integrate a whole smartphone in a wearable watch . We have collaborated with Kospet Corporation to bring this product to reality and this is certainly a breakthrough in the wearable tech industry . The Kospet Note Smartwatch with SIM card is by far the most advanced and dynamic standalone android smartwatch and a must for the tech lovers
    • SMARTPHONE ON YOUR WRIST- The Kospet Note is like a whole damm smartphone on your wrist . From calling to gaming to navigation to video conferencing , this smartwatch has got you all covered
    • WHAT IS THE M118 CHIP- The M118 chip is a project that we had been working on for 2 years . It is a super fast processor microchip ( with 346 transistors and SEH® A Core ) that allowed us to integrate all the features of a smartphone into a watch . This is a state of the art technology and the Kospet Hope is a live example fo this ( sorry for boasting so much😅 )
    • SUPPORTS SIM CARD -This is a smartwatch with sim card thus making it a completely standalone watch . That means even if you don't connect it to your phone , it will function as a fully operational android watch . So you can directly call or text your contacts from the watch ( supports 3G/4G network )
    • 3GB RAM + 32 GB MEMORY- This is the first smartwatch with a quad core 3 GB processor thus giving it the level of speed of an android smartphone . The 32 GB inbuilt memory allows you to store all your important files , videos , photos , apps and games at one single place 
    • DUAL HD CAMERA- The Kospet Note has a 2 megapixel camera on the side ( for normal shooting ) and a 8 megapixel mini camera on the front ( for selfies and video calls ) . Thus you can shoot ultra clear HD photos and videos just with your smartwatch and also enjoy video conferencing with your friends and family
    • OPERATING SYSTEM- This is an android smartwatch so the operating system is Google Android but the watch is fully compatible with both Android and iOS phones ( can be connected to the app via Bluetooth )
    • 2.4 INCH SUPER RETINA DISPLAY- The 2.4 inch bezel -free screen with retina display provides you the smoothest touch experience and the screen features a liquid crystal resolution with 16 million colour calibration . The intelligent brightness control makes the screen clearly visible in all times of the day 
    • MULTI -SATELLITE POSITIONING- The inbuilt satellite positioning makes Google Maps integration seamless and thus you can use the watch for all navigation purposes ( also because of the bigger screen , navigation will be more accessible making it super convenient to use )
    • PLAY STORE- You can download all apps like Instagram , WhatsApp , Editor etc and also download all types of games as you do in a normal Android smartphone . You can also connect existing apps on your phone with the watch to receive notifications and updates 
    • FACE ID UNLOCK- We built the GreyTech Facerec 2.0 so you can set a lock for the smartwatch and unlock it with your face detection . This is one of the few smartwatch with such a flawless face detection feature ( as you know how crappy face detection is in watches ) . Also there is a two step authentication lock for advanced safety 
    • HEALTH AND FITNESS- The Kospet Note functions as a remarkable fitness tracker . The advanced micro sensors allow you to measure the heart rate , oxygen levels and track your fitness results by providing you the most accurate data about your daily activities , steps , calories etc . Also as its is a smartwatch with sim card , you can store your emergency numbers and if an abnormality is detected , the watch will automatically notify for further action
    • OTHER SMARTPHONE FEATURES- All other functions of a smartphone are in this watch like MP3 player ( inbuilt Beryllium speakers give you the best in class sound ) , Youtube , Google Chrome Movies , Pedometer , Sound Recorder , Calendar , Reminder , Voice Assistant , Calculator , Unlimited Watch Faces and much more . Again , the 3GB quad core processor ensures that all the features work smoothly without any lag or hanging up
    • EXCELLENTBATTERY LIFE- The premium 2000 mAh mini lithium battery gives you a battery life easily upto 3-4 days and can be charged through the included magnetic cable . Also the watch doesn't heat up at all , no matter how much heavy task you are doing on it ( you can literally watch a 3 hour movie on this or play games like Smash Hit ) 
    • THE BUILT AND DESIGN- The Kospet Note features a unique and impressive design and a fully plated stainless steel body with crystal display . It looks really beautiful and minimalist on your wrist and is certainly one of the best android smartwatch for men and women both . It may seem a bit large in photos but actually the smartwatch is really lightweight and is kind of perfect for the wrist .The strap is made of high quality leather and silicone so you can wear it all day long without any discomfort
    • 100% WATERPROOF- The IP67 verified rating makes this smartwatch fully waterproof and thus there is absolutely no risk of damage from water , sweat , rain etc.
    • UNISEX- This is a great android smartwatch for men and women both and is really versatile so you can literally wear it anywhere
    • A TECH MASTERPICE- Guys , the Kospet Note is a product that truly represents our brand and the dream behind . We wanted to integrate a fully functional smartphone into a wearable device and this is it . Its a perfect blend of innovation , craftsmanship and design and certainly one of the best smartwatches ever built . We know the price is hefty but trust us this is gonna be one of the best purchases you ever made

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