Mythifrost®️ Book Nook Kit - Rose Detective Agency , 3D Bookshelf Decor

Step into a realm where imagination intertwines with intricate craftsmanship—introducing the Mythifrost® 3D Book Nook ( Rose Detective Agency ) . This enchanting masterpiece is more than a decorative piece : it’s a portal to a mysterious detective agency in time, meticulously designed to transform any bookshelf into a breathtaking voyage through fantasy.

    • EXTRAORDINARY 3D BOOK NOOK ( DUPLEX DETECTIVE AGENCY STYLE )- Our Rose Detective Agency Book Nook is one of its kind . Dive into a world of mystery and intrigue with our meticulously crafted Detective Agency Duplex Book Nook. This special two-floor miniature is a perfect addition to any bookshelf, offering a glimpse into the fascinating realm of a classic detective agency . The astonishing tiny details will surely impress you and you will really fall in love with this book nook as you build it

    • 8 HOURS ASSEMBLY - DIFFICULT BUT SATISFYING -Assemble the Rose Detective 3D Book Nook using detailed and step-by-step instructions. Enjoy perfectly laser-cut wood pieces for precise fitting. This challenging yet rewarding DIY project is perfect for enthusiasts seeking a fulfilling and immersive crafting experience ( Each and every book nook kit is tested rigorously before packaging so you never need to worry about missing parts or items )

    • RANKED #1 BOOKSHELF DECOR , BEST GIFT FOR BOOK LOVERS -Enhance your bookshelf with the Rose Detective Agency Book Nook, a stunning decor piece. Its intricate design and captivating details transform any shelf into a portal to a world of mystery and is surely a conversion starter for anyone who gets his/her eyes on this book nook . The book nook kit is also a very good and unique gift choice for people who love Books , Miniatures & DIY

    • WARM TOUCH SENSOR LIGHT ( A MINIATURE FAIRYTALE )- This amazing Book Nook is equipped with a soft-touch light, casting a soothing glow that brings the scene to life. The realistic lighting enhances every detail, creating a warm and inviting ambiance perfect for any bookshelf

    • PREMIUM MATERIAL | SIGNATURE CRAFTSMANSHIP -Expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials ensure the durability of Mythifrost®️ Book Nooks. Each piece is meticulously designed for longevity, making it a timeless addition to your bookshelf