XIAOMI® Car Wireless Charger

Make your car's interior like that of a super car with this next generation wireless charger from Xiaomi® . With automatic hands free mounting and the flagship techy sound , this product is surely one off the coolest gadgets of 20202

    • HANDS FREE TECHNOLOGY- When you bring the phone near the charger , the clamp of the charger automatically opens which looks really cool andfuturistic
    • ULTRA FAST CHARGING- The inbuilt dual magnetic microchips enable double core conduction and provide 2X faster charging than any other wireless charger on the market
    • THE SOUND -The feature we like most about this product is its opening sound , When you bring your phone near it , it makes a techy sound which is really awesome
    • COMPATIBILITY- the wireless charger supports all types of phones which are wireless charging enabled
    • ZERO HEAT DISSIPATION- The inbuilt cooling chip prevents any heating up of the charger or the phone and allows safe turbo charging
    • THE SCREEN- The 2.5D Elegant LED Screen with a acersude blue light ring looks really cool
    • MOUNT- In addition to a charger , this gadget can also be used as a firm stand for navigation or viewing purposes
    • COOL DESIGN- The charger is designed in a very artistic tech oriented manner which looks , sounds and feels very good

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