Xiaomi® Walkie Talkie ( Professionals Only Version ) - Pair

If you are planning for a real hardcore camping trip , then this walk talkie must be an essential part of your gear . We have collaborated with Xiaomi® to come up with this ultra powerful device . And we know guys that it is a bit expensive but trust us - this will be one of your best camping investments ever
    • DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS - This is a powerful top of the line wale talkie and it is recommended that you buy it only if you are into professional camping
    • THE DESIGN- The Walkie Talkie features an amazing geometric lightweight design which is ultra portable and around 45 % lighter than other wake talkies in the market . Also the built in back clip and one hand control functions add to the ease of usage
    • THE RANGE- Being powered by our flagship patented tele chips , these walkie talkies give you a communication range of upto 5 kilometres thus making it the leader in the industry
    • THE SPEAKER- The device features a HD Maxr® Speaker which allows you to communicate properly even in the roughest conditions
    • DUAL MODE- The Walkie Talkie not only supports the 3.5 mm Earphone Jack but also supports bluetooth headsets
    • NO INTERNET FUNTION- The most amazing feature of the walkie talkie is that even if you have no internet access , then also you can share your real time location to your friends via the smartphone app
    • FM MODE- The device also support s advanced FM Mode
    • THE BATTERY- The walkie talkie features an inbuilt 3000 mAh Lithium Chip Battery thus providing it a standby of around 7 days !!!
    • RESISTANCE- The device features advanced technology coupled with sturdy constructions thus making it the ideal fit for your camping and adventure trips . Being built from the most high quality material , these walkie talkies will be able to withstand the roughest conditions without any damage
    • MINIMALISTIC DEISGN- The design is very premium and minimalistic and perfect for professional

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