Weslew® Fun Balls

This is the only thing you need to kill your boredom . Literally - you can do this for hours and its really lot of fun
    • PRECISION STICKY TECHNOLOGY - The balls are designed in a way that they stick to any surface for a limited period of time ( 4-10 sec ) and then fall so that you can catch them
    • LIFE LASTING ADHESIVE - The adhesive is really strong and can stick to any surface . The durability of the adhesive is very good and doesn't get damaged
    • GLOW IN THE DARK - The balls have fluorescent surface and glow in the dark which looks really cool
    • SOFT BALLS - The balls are very soft and spongy and don't hurt and are thus suitable for small kids also
    • WASHABLE - The balls are completely washable and you can thus rinse them in water after every two weeks
    • SAFETY - Being designed from the highest quality food grade material , these balls are 100% safe even for kids

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