XSociety® UZI Blaster

Unleash a squishy storm with our new Automatic UZI Orbeez Gun . Rapid-fire action, customizable shooting modes, and vibrant Orbeez ammo make this blaster the ultimate weapon of dope level fun !!!
    • AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC ORBEEZ GUN-TheRapid-fire capability of the Gel Blaster which is powered by our GMax®️ Electric Cylinder allows you to unleash a flurry of gel balls with precision accuracy, giving you the edge over your opponents

    • ULTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE- The Upgraded Battery provides upto 4 hours of continuous shooting and can be recharged in 45 min using the included USB Cable

    • MAXIMUM ORBEEZ CAPACITY - The UZI Orbeez Gun comes with the unique Rotating Drum Magazine and the Classic Magazine which allows for a speedy reload of about 5000 Orbeez at a time so you never have to worry about going out of ammo !!!

    • MAXIMUM SAFETY- The Gel Blaster is equipped with Dual Safety Sensor and Case . The Orbeez Balls will burst when impacted, and it's made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials thus no need to recycle or clean after those intense battles !!!

    • ICONIC UZI DESIGN- The XSociety®️ Orby Gun boasts an impressive realistic design that replicates the look and feel of a real Israeli UZI , providing an immersive and authentic experience for gel blaster enthusiasts . The Suitcase comes with classic accessories including the Mags , Laser Sight , Shooting Goggles and Scope !!!