Universal gravity phone holder

Introducing the Gravity phone holder - the world's Best , most flexible and most secure car mount. Now you don't have to worry about those unstable , right boring mounts. This universal mount will take care f all your car needs.
    • ✅WORLD'S BEST MOUNT- The gravity mount has been rated the world's No.1 mount by reviewers as well as consumers in terms of both design and stability
    • ✅AUTOMATIC - You just have to place the phone on the holder and it automatically shapes according to the size and shape of your phone
    • ✅VERY EASY SETUP-The gravity holder is very easy to install and fits easily in the car vents of almost all the cars
    • INBUILT SHOCK ABSORPTION-The gravity holder has inbuilt dual shock absorption technology so that the phone doesn't fall in case of shock or sudden brakes
    • ✅7 POINT SUPPORT DESGIN-The patented 7 point design provides firm grip and high stability to your phone. So you don't need to worry even a bit about the safety of your phone
    • SPACE FOR CHARGING - The gravity holder is designed in away so that there is enough space for your charging cable
    • UNIVERSAL-Because of the automatic retraction technology , it can support each and every type of phone model of any weight
    • PREMIUM GRADE-The gravity holder is manufactured using very high quality material and the heads are made of anti-slip silicone so you can be sure about the quality and durability
    • COOL DESIGN - Unlike other phone holders , this one looks really cool and unique placed in your car

    Grey technologies is the exclusive official seller of the gravity holder so you can be absolutely sure about the authenticity of the product