The Wowstick® Pro

Still using the boring traditional screwdrivers ?? Well, its time to upgrade Introducing  Wowstick® Pro - World's coolest electric screwdriver . Not only you will be amaze by its ultra minimalistic design but also by the amazing 4 axis efficiency it provides !!1

    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end electric screwdriver mainly for professionals and engineers
    • PATENTED ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY- The Wowstick Pro features patented magnetic electric technology which allows the head to revolve at a constant pace and suit all your professional needs
    • 18 IN ONE- The case includes 18 International Standard magnetic screw bits extensions which can handle all your needs
    • SLIM AS A PEN- The experience while using the Wowstick is very nice and it feels as if you are holding a pen
    • MAGNETIC TIP- The advanced magnetic tip allows the screws to attach to the driver thus making the tak very convenient
    • THE BODY- The body is manufactured using 100% pure aluminium so you can ensure zero compromise while doing the work
    • AAA BATTERY- The Wowstick works on two AAA Batteries thus ensuring an ultra long battery life
    • SILICONE COATING- The soft silicone coating makes the screwdriver completely sweat proof and slip free and provides firm comfortable grip
    • DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS - The screwdriver is specially designed for professional technicians to ease their jobs without compromising precision and efficiency

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