The Universal Remote Chip

Why do you need those old boring remotes when you can control all your home devices with your phone ?? This smart chip with USB C Interface turns your phone into a universal remote and lets you control whole house with the phone !!!
    • SMART AR INTERFACE - The chip works on advanced infrared conduction interface. When the chip is plugged into your phone , your phone becomes a universal remote for all your home devices
    • APP CONTROL- After plugging the chip into the phone , install the App through the QR code and sync all your home devices and save them so you can easily access them
    • THE RANGE- Due to the high sensitivity internal copper chip , the working range of the remote is very high and you can easily control the devices while sitting on a sofa or lying on the bed
    • COMPATIBILITY- The grade 3 chip allows smooth compatibility with all types of devices like TV, Air Conditioners , TV Boxes , Smart Fan , Amplifiers , Speakers and much more
    • PORTABLE- The chip is vert time and lightweight and can be easily carried in your pocket or attached to your keyring

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