The Thumb Led Magic ( Halloween Edition )

Guys, this has to be the most amazing thing we have brought for you in the halloween season. You will literally make everyone go crazy when they see you doing some amazing tricks with this gadget !!!
    • 🎩The trick contains two soft silicone thumb covers with two mini LEDs in them and they light up when you press them with the finger and turn off when you release the finger !!!
    • 🎩Just put on the thumb covers on your both thumbs , practice for a while and then you are good to go - you concrete unimaginable and absolutely crazy tricks with this prop
    • 🎩The Thumbs are 100 % silicone soft and are designed to fit around 80% of the thumb sizes
    • 🎩It is suggested that you perform this at night for the most spectacular results
    • 🎩Do awesome tricks like putting the light in your mouth and taking it out from your nose and such other things