The Teapot Humidifier & Air Purifier

Guys , this has to be the coolest and most beautiful air humidifier we have ever launched for you . Apart from the benefits ( especially in the dry winter season ) , this gadget designed as an aesthetic teapot would look marvellous in your home
    • SMART HUMIDIFICATION- The humidifier works on intelligent humidification technology thus moisturising the room uniformly and efficiently
    • CRYSAL SALT STONES- The above dock of the humidifier includes crystal salt stones from The Himalayan Mountains which are known to purify the air , relive pressure and create a calming effect 
    • AIR PURIFICATION- Apart from being a cute humidifier , the gadget acts as an air purifier and if you add essential oils into the dock , the benefits will be tripled
    • ZERO NOISE- We have designed the humidifier with zero noise humidification function so whether you are reading or doing yoga etc, you won't be disturbed at all
    • WATER CAPACITY- The humidifier has a 400 ml dedicated water capacity which is more than any other room humidifier on the market
    • NIGHT LAMP- The soothing Nordic night lamp in the humidifier looks really attractive especially at night and creates that perfect soothing ambience
    • ESSENTIAL OIL- If you consume essential oils , then we really recommend to add them in the dock and literally the fragrance is overflowing and it feels really calm and nice
    • THE DESIGN- This is one of our most creative products by design and we are sure you will love the magic teapot design