Guys, this has to be the most revolutionary gadget we have ever brought for you . Really guys we deserve some cheers for this  !!!🍻🎉

Just throw away your old boring rulers and measuring tapes and get one of these . Trust us - this will be the most useful gadget you have ever bought !!!

    • REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT -This gadget is the result of months of design, testing and innovation and is certainly one of the most revolutionary gadgets ever made
    • SMART MEASURE- Just roll the gadget on the area you want to measure and the length is automatically displays on the LED Screen of the ruler
    • HIGH PRECISION - The internal high quality semiconductors provide industry standard accuracy with an error range of ±0.001 mm which is absolutely amazing
    • ACCUMULATED RANGING - You don't have to memorise all the values when measuring . The accumulated function automatically adds the values to achieve the final result
    • UNIT CHANGE- Several measurement units available so it has application for all types of users
    • ALL SURFACES -This gadget can accurately measure all types if surfaces - whether flat or spherical
    • VOICE FUNCTION- Smart voice function so you can make the gadget read aloud the recorded measurements
    • ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE -The inbuilt lithium battery has a standby of 200 days and is rechargeable through the USB C Cable ( included in the box )
    • PROFESSIONAL EDITION -This is a high end product and is used all over the world by professional designers, engineers, construction workers, architects and many other applications

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