Xiaomi® Smart Rubik's cube ( Limited Edition )

Introducing The Smart Rubik's cube by Xiaomi ®- world's most advanced Rubik's cube which will take you from beginner to master in just a few days
    • SMART MICRO CHIP- Th patented inbuilt AI Chip makes the cube an intelligent cube which can detect all the motions, store movements , generate algorithms and give you suggestions to speed up the solving
    • SIX AXIS SENSOR- The highly advanced six axis sensory system allows the cube to record each and every movement , record all the mistakes and thus provide you accurate suggestions
    • SMART PHONE APP - The smart app can be downloaded through the QR code and can be used to view all the operations
    • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING- This cube is originally designed for professional Rubik's cube training. If you follow it regularly , then you can become a Rubik's genius in a couple of months and you can solve it in less than 30 seconds
    • RESTORATION MAGIC CUBE TIMING- The restoration function mode tests your solving time and gives you breakdown on where you lagged and where you could have done different combinations
    • PROFESSIONAL RACING STRUCTURE- The anti-cart , anti-scattering frame with silicone 6 core certainly makes it one of the most high end and smooth cubes available on the market
    • GAME INTERFACE- The app uses 9 mini games to make the Rubik's cube learning very interactive and turn you into a professional level Rubik's master
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The advanced bluetooth interface allows you to connect it to all types of phones- Android, iOS
    • SMART HOME CONTROL- If you are using other Grey Technologies smart home products then you can control many devices through this cube which is really cool
    • BATTERY LIFE- The inbuilt replaceable battery lasts for around 1 year . After the battery is finished , please message us and we will send you the extra battery

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Xiaomi ® Smart Rubik's cube . Al rights reserved and protected