Tired of those stubborn little mosquitoes🦟 and those itching red rashes all over your body ?? Trust us , we were also in the same position until we got ourselves this amazing gadget. This cactus mosquito killer with ultraviolet induction interface will solve the problem for you !!!
    • 🌵UV INTERFACE-The gadget operates using the patented technology ofmosquito's phototaxis of UV Light to induce it into the effective range so that the airflow generated by the fan sucks the mosquito into the storage box
    • 🌵ZERO SMOKE ZERO CHEMICALS -Unlike other mosquito killers, this one doesn't emit any smoke, odour or chemicals so is completely safe for children
    • 🌵360° SMART OPERATION - The inbuilt sensor chip allows smart 360° Induction of the UV Light so it can finish mosquitoes in the whole room
    • 🌵PURPLE LIGHT INTERFACE - The specially designed purple light interface does not cause any visual disturbance and is thus suitable even when you are sleeping
    • 🌵USB POWERED -The device is powered by micro USB Cable and can also be used with mobiles, laptops or power banks . The power consumption is very low
    • 🌵REMOVABLE STORAGE BOX -The removable mosquito storage box can be easily washed and dried.
    • 🌵CUTE CACTUS DESIGN -The creative cactus design with four axis geometric finish enhances the aesthetics of your smart home
    • 🌵PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high quality product and is manufactured using premium grade microchips and outer material and thus guarantees years of durability and efficiency