Its finally here, the most awaited gadget of 2020 is finally here. Introducing Scanmarker Air - the world's first digital highlighter with smart transmission interface. Just take this pen , hover it over the important text and it goes directly to your documents in your PC, Laptop or Phone
    • DIGITAL SCANNER- The patented advanced technology allow you to just slide the pen over the text in your notebook ,magazine or newspaper and it automatically appears in your PC, Laptop or Phone
    • PROFESSIONAL EDITION- The pen is created mainly for professionals and has become aaa essential gadget for report writers, teachers, lawyers , researchers, executives and librarians
    • ADVANCED SMART MICROCHIP -The high grade internal microchip enables smart scanning and its artificial interface allows full width proper scanning of the area
    • READING FUNCTION- The coolest feature is the reading function. Just press the button to listen to the text you have scanned and you can have much more clear understanding of the written part
    • TRANSLATE FUNCTION - The advanced translator microchip allows you to translate the text to more than 50 + languages which is an awesome feature for travellers and writers
    • ULTRA HIGH SPEED - The high quality scanning tip allows an ultra high recognition speed if 3000 characters per minute
    • COMPATIBILITY-Die to the Bluetooth 5.0 Interface , the Scanmarker Air is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows , MacOS, Linux and any other platform
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a high end product and it is recommended you buy only if you are using it for professional purposes

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