The PrintPen Pro

Meet PrintPen Pro- the coolest gadget of 2020 . Guys , this gadget is really really amazing . Just load the imager text you want to print , turn on the pen and you are good to go !!! . Whether its your hand , a ballon, table , book ,wood , cloth , plastic , the results will be amazing . Guys , this is a revolutionary technology and we are sure you will love it !!
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a very high  end tech product and is designed and manufactured using premium grade microchips and external material
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- This is a revolutionary printing technology that has totally rocked the portable printing industry and has received various Design Awards including the AFA 2020 and the CREST 2.0
    • PEN PRINTING- This is like a portable tattoo printer. Just connect the pen to your phone app, load the templates , add the text or photos and just swipe the pen over the surface you want to print
    • 100 % SKIN FRIENDLY - The ink is specially designed and manufactured according all the safety standards and is verified and approved by The Grey technologies Quality Control Team . Absolutely no side effects or harm to the health
    • REMOVABLE INK- The ink in temporary and can be washed if you scrub with soap and water
    • MULTI SURFACE- The pen is suitable for printing on all types of surfaces like paper , glass , ceramics , metal , plastic , leather , T-Shirt , skin etc
    • RECHARGEABLE.- The inbuilt Super Lithium battery gives a long usage time and is rechargeable through the USB Cable
    • REPLACEABLE INK CARTRIDGE - Your box comes with a special ink cartridge which can last upto 5 months . When the ink is over , you can contact us to buy more
    • ULTRA COOL- This is one of the coolest gadgets we have ever brought for you and you will surely love it

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the PrintPen Pro . All rights reserved and protected


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