Are you a true car lover ? Are you a true admirer of the beauty of cars ? Are you truly passionate about what you drive and how you drive ???
Then, this limited edition watch from NIBOSI® is certainly the choice for you !!!
    • ONE OF ITS KIND -The Nibosi® Wheel is not just a normal watch. This watch has come to reality after months of design and perfection and certainly is a true piece of art
    • DUAL PRECISION -The inbuilt crystal levitation technology displays the most accurate and precise time
    • THE GEAR-The time adjustment gear is designed using a special levertial technology and it gives a very unique experience while using it
    • THE HANDS -The red plated hands look really really cool and gives it the feels of a real sports car
    • THE INNER DIALS -The inner dials are made of very expensive pure resin metal which truly makes the watch a piece of luxury
    • PREMIUM EDITION - This watch is a limited edition , very high quality product . Please handle with care to appreciate the workmanship and creativity behind this unique watch

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Nibosi® Wheel so you can be absolutely sure about the authenticity of the watch