The Mito® Home Robot

There can't be a better gift for your kids than this one
    • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE- The Mito® Robot Worksop our patented Grey Artificial Intelligence Technology which enables the robot to interact with the surroundings , respond to hand gestures and take intelligent action
    • SMART PHONE CONTROL- The robot can be programmed and controlled through the official app ( Download from the QR code given in the manual )
    • GESTURE MODE- Using the feature mode , you can control the robot with your hand gestures which is really cool
    • AVOIDANCE MODE- When the avoadance mode is turned one , the inbuilt sensors of the robot scan the surrounding and change their path according to the obstacles
    • THE LOAD MODE- The most amazing feature of this little gadget is the Load Mode which will allow you to use this robot to deliver you your morning coffee or juice
    • STABILITY- The inbuilt stability sensors allow the robot to stabilise itself and steer its way according to the surroundings
    • THE TECHNOLOGY- The Mito® is one of the most advanced toys of 2020 . We have put our hearts to bring this to reality and we are sure that you and and your kids will love it

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