The Gesture Drone

Guys , this might be the coolest drone of all time . Of course , this drone is not for professional photography but the feels you'll get by controlling this with the gestures of your hand is just unimaginable
    • ADVANCED GESTURE CONTROL- The drone works on our patented dual intelligent gesture technology which allows you to control the drones with the movement of your hands
    • FOUR AXIS GRAVITY CONTROL- The four axis gravity induction mechanism ensures precise , proper flights and maintains the stability of drone
    • OBSTACLE DETECTION- The intelligent obstacle detection makes the flights safe - even inside homes
    • 360° STUNTS- The drone can perform various stunts and you can modify them with your gestures
    • LED COOL LIGHTING- The drone is packed with contrast LED Lighting which looks really cool especially at night
    • THE REMOTE -The gesture control remote is really cool - its very easy to control and can be operated by anyone

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