The Mavair® 2

Introducing Mavair ® 2 - the most advanced mini drone of 2020 . The Mavair 2 is one of the most reputed mini drones and its ultra advanced interface has been appreciated everywhere. IF you are looking for a very Hitech drone with high definition recording - then this is just the perfect gadget for you !!!
    • INTEGRATED DESIGN- What makes this drone so special is its patented integrated design . The drone can be easily put in the remote control and the phone can also be mounted on the control which makes it very convenient while flying
    • GREY TECH PATENT GEARBOX - The Mavair 2 features our patented 4 channel 6 axis gyroscope which makes the flying highly smooth and fast
    • 4 MP CAMERA- The 4 megapixel HD Mini Camera on the front bumper of the drone allows you tom take ultra clear aerial shpts and videos
    • REAL TIME HD TRANSMISSION - Using Wi-Fi Signal transmission , the real time pictures and videos taken by the drone can be viewed through the mobile phone App
    • DRAWING TRAJECTORY - Draw the trajectory you want to fly on the phone app and the drone will automatically follow the mouse
    • VR INTEGRATION- If you have VR Glasses, then you can enjoy high speed FPV first view flight experience which is really really cool
    • GESTURE PHOTO/VIDEO - The smart AI Chip allows you to automatically record photos by doing certain gestures with your hand
    • VOICE CONTROL- Using the app , you can also control the drone through your voice and command it to do carious actions
    • ONE TOUCH TAKEOFF/RETURN - One touch operation button makes it very convenient especially if you are a beginner in drone flying
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a very high end drone in collaboration of Grey Technologies and Mavair Technologies and is considered industry standard in mini drones

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Mavair® 2 . All rights reserved and protected

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