Emitting Light


Yesss Guyss , this is happening . No Camera Tricks, no foul play - just pure real technology, This bulb really floats in the air like magic !!! We know the price is hefty but we are sure the real tech lovers won't mind it !!!

    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a very high tech product and is designed and manufactured using premium grade microchips and external material
    • PATENTED LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY- The bulb works on a patented ant-rotor magnetic levitation technology which allows to eliminate reverse gravity in the region and make the bulb levitate !!!
    • OUR HARD WORK- Guys , we just wanted to share with you that how much we love the product and we put months to develop it and we are sure you will love it too
    • WIRELESS CHARGING FUNCTION- the levitation is not the only function this gadget features . The base acts as a turbo wireless charger and supports all types of phones which are wireless harging enabled
    • THE GRADIENT- The advanced 3.0 tungsten ensures uniform emission of bright light without the bulb heating up
    • SAFETY CHIP- In case of power failure, the smart chip automatically detects it and the bulb automatically sticks to the above holder thus preventing any breaking or damage
    • THE MATERIAL- As always , the device features advanced mechanism with sturdy constructions using the highest grade lithium microchips , aluminium and metallic rods
    • DESIGN AWARDS - We are proud to share with you that the gadget has won numerous design awards including the AFA Design'20
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- The PARML Technology is a breakthrough in the tech industry and this amazing gadget is a live example of its application
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