The Kospet® Hope

You know guys , that we love Kospet ® and so here it is - Introducing Kospet Hope - the world's first 3 GB RAM + 32 GB Storage specially created for businessmen and professionals . This is one of the most advanced gadgets we have ever brought for you and we are sure that you will love it
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- Being powered by thr revolutionary integrated RAM microchip, Kospet Hope is a breakthrough in the smart watch industry and is no less than an Android phone
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end tech product by Kospet® and is considered one of the most advanced gadgets of 2020
    • ANDROID INTERFACE- The watch runs on advanced Android Interface . It has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB inbuilt storage so it can easily functions as your phone
    • PROCESSOR- The watch runs on MTK6739 Quad Processor thus making it he most advanced smart watch ever designed
    • THE LOOK- Being designed essentially for businessmen and professionals , the Hope portrays 1.39 inch Amoled screen display and ultra sleek design with dual geometrics mechanism and ceramic bezes
    • 4G NETWORK- The watch has a SIM card slot and can support 4G LTE Network thus you can carry all your operations very smoothly
    • 8.0 MP CAMERA- The craziest thing about the watch is its 8.0 MP Camera on the side which allows you ti record crystal clear photos and videos right on the wrist
    • GOOGLE PLAY STORE - With the inbuilt Google Play Store , you can download and play all the apps and games like any other normal Android phone
    • ULTRA RICH SOUND- The inbuilt patented dual micro subwoofers in the earbuds provide ultra rich crystal clear sound with true immersive base and physical noise cancelling
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Interface for smooth wireless connection with all your devices
    • GOOGLE MAPS INTEGRATION- The built in GPS + GLONASS dual satellite positioning system has a very wide coverage and thus lets you navigate through the Goggle Maps
    • SINGLE CLICK PRESS- One of the coolest feature of the device is that when you press with both your fingers on the earbuds ,they make a mechanical techy sound an come out which looks really cool
    • FITNESS MODE- The watch has a special fitness designed for atheltes and features multiple sport modes, calorie counts , steps calibration , sleep monitoring and consumption features
    • HEART RATE MONITORING- Using the micro chip sensor, the band can accurately detect the heart rate and the blood pressure rate and in case of abnormality, a message can be automatically sent to your stored emergency number
    • SMART APP LINKAGE- All the data and results are automatically saved and can be viewed in the smartphone App which is compatible with both Android and iOS
    • REMOTE CONTROL- Using the remote camera feature , you can automatically click pictures from your phone by just shaking the band
    • NOTIFICATIONS- The important app notifications and call controls are transferred to the smart band thus making it very convenient while travelling
    • CUSTOM DIALS- The Kospet Hope consists of hundreds of customisable and dynamic watch faces and premium templates
    • ADVANCED WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY- The smart watch is IPX7 Waterproof and there is no risk of damages from water or sweat
    • THE DESIGN- The Kospet Hope features advanced mechanism with sturdy construction and has won various design awards including THE CEFT'20 and the ASDE 5.0

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