The Karineir® Wave

The most anticipated watch of 2020 is finally here. Introducing The Karineir® Wave Limited Edition . We know how much you are excited about this watch and so are we. We have put lot of work to bring this to reality and we are sure that you will love it  !!
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a high end product and one of the most appreciated gadgets of 2020 - both in terms of technology and design
    • PATENTED WAVE FLOW- The thing that makes this watch so unique is its patented crystal wave display technology . Rather than using mechanical pointers , the The Karineir® Wave uses wave like Frost Color combination to display the time
    • THE DISPLAY - The watch features anti-glare thin bezzled display which perfectly complements the blue black time combinations
    • THE PRECISION- The inbuilt dual crustal quartz mechanism makes the time display highly accurate with a time difference of less than 0.01 seconds
    • THE STRAP- The stainless steel mesh premium strap looks and feels very smooth and premium and ensures level S comfort and grip
    • 3 LEVEL RESISTANCE- The 3 Bar WISD Standard waterproof technology makes the watch immune to any water exposure or sweat
    • FOR THE GENTLEMEN- The Karineir® Wave boasts new age technology coupled with sturdy constructions that makes it ideal fits for a gentleman's statement and style

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