The Halloween Ice Moulds

Halloween beer with skull shape ice cubes - can anything be better than that ???
    • 🍺SKULL ICE CUBES- This amazing ice cube mould turns your ice cubes into tiny ice skulls which look really cool and are perfect for your #HalloweenNight
    • 🍺100% SAFE- The mould is manufactured using 100% BPA Free food grade silicone which has absolutely no side effects on your health and is tested and approved
    • 🍺THE PRECISION- The mould is so precisely designed that you can even see the skulls and the perfectly shaped eyes of your little spooky skull
    • 🍺CRACK PROOF AND BREAK PROOF- Unlike the normal plastic trays , this one doesn't break or crack while using
    • 🍺EASY TO USE- Its very simple to fill the water, remove the cubes and clean the tray thus making your task much easier and fun
    • 🍺TURBO COOLING- The high grade silicone ensures 2X faster freezing than the normal ice trays
    • 🍺ULTRA COOL- The skull cubes look really really cool and spooky thus making it a perfect fit for the upcoming Halloween season


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