Ofulsen® Gun Controller ( Limited Edition )

Are you serious about your gaming ? And are you serious about the gadgets you use to game ? If yes , then this gadget is surely a dream come true for you . This is surely the coolest gaming controller ever designed and will blow your enemies to hell

    • THE DESIGN-The controller look exactly like a gun and while playing shooting games , the experience is mind - blowing
    • 6 AXIS JOYSTICK- The gaming Joystick coupled with the quad console silicone buttons provides the most seamless gaming experience
    • THE TRIGGER - The gun trigger can be used to shoot in the game which brings you into a totally next level gaming experience
    • SUPPORTED GAMES - The smartphone app which you can download from Play Store or App Store features lot of games so you can experience virtual and augmented reality gameplay anywhere , anytime
    • UNIVERSAL - The controller is compatible with all types of phones ranging from 4 inch - 6 inch . The retractable holder is robust and provides enhanced support and stability to your device
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 - Bluetooth 5.0 Interface so the controller is compatible with all Android and iOS Phones
    • BATTERY LIFE - The 2000 mAh Lithium battery provides long hours of uninterrupted gameplay and can be recharged through the included USB Cable
    • SILICONE TOUCH - Gaming Grade silicone telescopic buttons for professional level gaming
    • PREMIUM GADGET- This is a premium gadget from Ofulsen ® and is featured in The STECH 's list of The Top 10 Gadgets of 2020

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