The Flymax® Air


We think this is one of the coolest gadgets we have ever brought for you !!! We are personally crazy for this and we hope you will love this too !!!

    • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY- The device features inbuilt levitation mechanism technology which allows you to carry various cool tricks like boomerang , bounce , flow and hundreds of other fun tricks
    • SPIN TO START- Its easy to get started. Just spin it to start the internal aerodynamic motor and you are ready to perform pure unbelievable magic
    • BOOMERANG- Throw the Flymax upwards and it returns to you in the same trajectory and acts like a boomerang . Its hard to accurately use it at first but after2-3 days, you'll master it !!!
    • FLYING AND GLIDING- Throw in the front direction to make the spinner fly and glide in the air and let your other friend catch it
    • BOUNCE FLOW- You can even create 100s of tricks by bouncing and making it jump on your hands and fingers which is really cool
    • ULTIMATE BOREDOM KILLER- With this little device, you will never fell any sense of boredom again . Its really so fun to play no matter you are a child or adult
    • SAFETY- Due to the external triple mesh , the spinner is 100 % safe and there is no risk of hurting your hands . Its a wonderful gift for your kids and you can be totally assured about the quality and safety of the product
    • ENHANCE YOUR CREATIVITY- The things you can do with this is really infinite . Juggle , toss, bounce , boomerang , upward fly , downward glide , wave flying and so much more . Also don't forget to share your self-created tricks on The Grey Technologies Community Page


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