The Camping Lighter

Guys , if you have this permanent match - you probably would never have to buy another matchstick or lighter again 
    • PERMANENT MATCHSTICK- Freely speaking , this lighter is kind of a permanent match. You can use this thousands of times before you would have to refill it again
    • SAFE AND EASY TO USE- The lighter is very convenient to use - you just have to take out the stick and rub it on the lighter
    • DUAL SAFETY- The permanent match features dual metal insulations with safety compartment thus making it very safe to use
    • BOTTLE OPENER- Apart from being a permanent lighter , the gadget can also be used as a portable bootle opener
    • PORTABLE- Being very small and lightweight , the lighter can be easily carried in the pocket and is thus perfect for camping trips . Also it can be used as a keyring
    • THE BUILT- Being built from 100% aluminium , the permeant match is very durable and sturdy , providing years of efficiency


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