Turning your home into smart home ? Then this smart plug is just the perfect gadget for you

    • 🔌 ADVANCED SMART INTERFACE-The smart plug has inbuilt Smart sensory microchips so that you can control all your devices through your smart phone and even set 100s of automation rules
    • 🔌REMOTE CONTROLLING. -No need to worry about forgetting switches to turn off . Control your appliances from anywhere
    • 🔌ALEXA and GOOGLE HOME COMPATIBLE - The smart switch is compatible with Alexa so you can even control your devices with Alexa
    • 🔌ANDROID AND IOS - The app is compatible with both Android and iOS ( download from QR code given in the instruction manual )
    • 🔌AUTOMATION - You can set up various automation rules . Eg. Turn on the switch at 8:00 p.m , Turn off the Lamp at 4:00 pm
    • 🔌SHARE ACCESS - You can even send the access of your home appliances to other people
    • 🔌PREMIUM BUILT- The plug is manufactured in USA using highest grade material and have a durable life time of more than 20 years. You will never need to buy another switch again