Struggling to keep your time management under control ? Then, this smart timer from Baseus® is just the gadget for you !!!

    • Universal Magnetic Technology- Mounts literally anywhere-to the floor, wall, fridge ,cabinet, cupboard ,study table and any other surface
    • TIME MANAGEMENT-Sound Time Reminder, Smart LED Display , Counting Up and Down and also Rotating Regulation function
    • ROTATION TIMER- Smart Rotation countdown timer which helps you complete your tasks on time and let you precisely monitor your activities
    • FITNESS GOALS-Perfect gadget for monitoring and tracking your daily fitness workouts and goals
    • CERAMIC BEZELLED LED GLASS SCREEN- The HD led Glass screen dialyse the data very clearly and looks and feels very smooth and premium
    • SILENT TIMER- Silent timing function also available which helps remaining calm and focused during work
    • TRIPLE MODE- 3 different modes- Silent, Normal and Loud
    • LARGE BATTERY LIFE- As the device works on AAA Battery Cells, thus it has a overlong battery life
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- Minimalistic Metallic design which looks really cool