This smart pot will surely take your indoor gardening to the next level !!!

    • SUPERIOR SOUND - This smart pot functions as an awesome Bluetooth Speaker with HI-FI Stereo Surround music quality which even benefits the growth of your plant
    • SMART LED FUNCTION-This pot is equipped with 7 different fluorescent LED Lights which look really really good in you house as well as your garden. The color changes automatically when you touch the leaf of the plant
    • INSULATED -The pot is complete insulated with double layer coating so the plant and soil is 100% safe
    • SMART TOUCH-Smart Touch Button control to control power, Bluetooth, Song Selection etc
    • SOOTHING EFFECT-The plants with the combination of music and LED Ambience create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere
    • HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL-This pot is designed and manufactured using highest quality A-grade material so you don't need to worry about duarability and efficiency