Smerhen® Smart Heating Coaster

Want to keep your coffee and other beverages hot ??? Then this smart electric coaster is the perfect gadget for you

    • SAFE THERMAL HEATING- The coaster operates using the patented bitransfer thermal heating technology which provides very safe heating and absolutely no side effect to health
    • INTELLIGENT TOUCH CONTROL- All the functions can be controlled with smart touch function
    • SMART INTERFACE- The smart sensor chip features reminders for ringing water and temperature control function
    • LED DISPLAY- Ceramic Bezzled LED Display screen for display of the functions and temperature
    • UNIVERSAL- The coaster supports safe heating all types of cups - porcelain , glass , maple and other material
    • PORTABLE- Being very small and lightweight , the coater can be easily carried around and you can enjoy hot beverages anytime
    • SAFETY- The coaster features 1005 Ceramic safe heating with triple layer safety insulation and has no side effects on health
    • THE DESIGN- The device features minimalistic premium design with advanced mechanism thus making a perfect fit for your smart home

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Smerhen® Smart Coaster . All rights reserved and protected