XSociety®️ Glock Orbeez Shooter


Here it is guys - The world's greatest Orbeez Gun is now up there to boost up your adrenaline and power up your badass water battles !!! Featuring our proprietary AirShift®️ Technology and detailed design , this is indeed the best Gel Blaster ever designed and it is gonna be so much fun

    • WORLD'S BEST ELECTRIC ORBEEZ GUN- The XSociety®️ Glock Gel Blaster is undoubtedly the most powerful electric Orbeez Gun and everything about it - the iconic design , high powered mode and multiple accessories is just perfect !!!
    • HIGH POWER | LONG RANGE- Powered by our edge-cutting Mavlet®️ shooter technology , the Orby Gun can shoot at a rate of upto 300 Orbeez / minute and upto 1500 rounds continuously which takes the level of water battles to a whole another level . The range is astonishingly high and the Orbeez can reach as far as 100 metres or above
    • ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE- Utilising an inbuilt 7.4V 500 mAh upgraded battery , this Orbeez Gun needs to be charged just 2-3 hours and it provides you whole day of pure fun and excitement !!!
    • SUPER SIMPLE TO OPERATE- The Orbeez Gel Gun is lightweight and portable and features Dual Mode - Manual Fire and Automatic Fire so you can shoot as per your convenience . It's the perfect Water Gun for adults as well as kids and requires no complex assembly
    • SAFETY GUARANTEE | ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY- Our Orbeez Gun is tested and has passed our 3 Level QC Programme . The Gun is 100% safe to use and provides years of unparalleled durability . The Gel Balls don't hurt and they burst on impact and evaporate without stain or residue . Thus it is super environment friendly and there is no need to clean
    • EXQUISITE DESIGN & ACCESSORIES - The Engineers at XSociety®️ designed the Gel Blaster with custom detailing and features laser cut metallic built giving it a breathtaking look . The range of Accessories includes Gun Silencer , Torch & Laser , Safety Goggles , 3 Cartridge Hoopers and 50000 Extra Orbeez for unlimited play