Omega® Mini


Introducing Omega® Mini- world's smallest HD Camcorder. But don't compare its all size to its power - the internal Maxr® Chip makes it a full 1080 P Camcorder with dual stabilisation and advanced night vision 

    •  1080P RECORDING - Despite its cute little size, this gadget is a powerful device . The inbuilt micro scale lens allows 1080P HD Recording
    • BOTH VIDEOS AND PHOTOS- The cube can record both photos and videos and you can easily access them by connecting it to your phone or laptop ( Compatible with all systems- Windows, MacOs and Linux)
    • AUDIO RECORDER -The inbuilt HD Microphone allows you to record audio also which is absolutely awesome especially if you are a spy kind of guy😉
    • NIGHT VISION- The upper two sphere windows are for night vision camera interface so you can record crystal clear photos even at night
    • STABILISATION FUNCTION- Due to the heavy duty lithium microchip, the photos and videos recorded are very clear even when you are in motion
    • RECHARGEABLE- The cube has a large battery life and is rechargeable through the included USB Cable
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- The cube is a premium product and is manufactured using highest grade PVP outer material and quality lithium chips so you can stay assured about the durability of the product

     NOTE- The camera is a bit complex to use at the starting but if you follow the instruction manual carefully then you will master it in a couple of days

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