Norm® Precison Max ( Golf Edition )

Introducing Norm® Precision- the most advanced and accurate laser rangefinder for professional level golfing . The gadget is designed and manufactured specially for competition level golfing practices and we are sure you will love it !!!
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a very high end laser rangefinder and it is advised that you invest in this only if you are involved in professional golfing
    • 1500 METRE- The rangefinder has a real 1500 metres detection capacity thus making it the most advanced rangefinder not he market
    • GOLF PINSEEKER MODE- The pinsetter mode can be used for accurately measuring the distance to a flagpole . The device can also separate the flagpole from surrounding objects like bushes and trees to provide precise results
    • SINGLE DISTANCE MEASURE- Just aim at a target object , press the button and distance would be automatically displayed on the LED Screen
    • CONTINUOUS DISTANCE MEASURE- When you long press the power button , you enter the continuous detection mode and the distance is displayed in real time as you move the device
    • SPEED CALCULATION- This is one of the very few rangefinders that also measure the speed of the object. Aim at the object and short press the power button . Keep aiming as the object moves until the speed is displayed on the LED Screen
    • FOG MODE- The Infrared High Density Layer mode works accurately even in foggy and rainy weathered is thus very useful while travelling in fog
    • PORTABLE.- Being lightweight and small , you can very easily carry it in your Golf Bag
    • MULTIPURPOSE- In addition to Golf , the rangefinder can also be used for watching birds, hunting , horse training and fog study

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