Navigation Glasses ( Premium Edition )

Frame Color
Introducing The Salior Cocard Pro - The world's most user friendly and Intelligence controlled smart glasses . We put a lot of work to bring this amazing gadget to reality and we are sure that you are as much excited for this as we are . The glasses have inbuilt screen navigation feature which makes it a perfect gadget while you are driving
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- The patented smart chip integration technology allowed us to design this amazing gadget for you and launch it as such a reasonable cost. The Grey Technologies Creative team has collaborated with Asdern® Designs to bring this prototype to life
    • MULTI FUNCTION- The smart glasses allow you to listen to music , make hands free calls , track your fitness results and even receive real time on screen directions while you are driving or walking 
    • MUSIC QUALITY- The dual subwoofer microchips operate on smart bone conduction technology to deliver you crisp , clear stereo sound and also makes sure that the sound is not audible to other people around you
    • HD MICROPHONE- The inbuilt Hi-Fi Microphone allows you to smoothly answer your calls and access the voice assistant
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The advanced Bluetooth interface allows smooth wireless connectivity with both Android and iOS Phones
    • POLARISED- The smart glasses are dual polarised to keep your eyes safe and comfortable . Enjoy premium A level clarity and advanced sun glare reduction even when you are outside
    • ANTI-GLARE- The glasses re blue ray anti glare and prevent computer radiations while you are working and thus reducing the strain on your eyes
    • UNISEX- The glasses are suitable for both him and her and arre designed in a Nordic stylish way which feels and looks very premium
    • SAFETY ASSURANCE- As always , the glasses have also passes our 3 level quality control programme ( visit the footer section to learn more ) so you don't. have to be worried about the safety of your eyes and skin
    • CAR EDITION- The glasses are specially designed for driving . The handsfree call feature with advanced navigation interface certainly makes it the deriver's choice 

    Grey Technologies is the official exclusive seller of The Salior Cocard Pro . All rights reserved and protected