Introducing MYBY Max - the coolest luminous fidget spinner ever . With its advanced gyro glow technology and quad core rotors - this is certainly the gadget for the real tech lovers !!!
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a high tech product and is designed using military grade material accompanied by the most advanced gyro mechanisms
    • LONGEST CENTRIFUGAL TIME- The MYBY Max is the world's longest rotation fidget spinner with around 6- 10 minute rotation . The comprehensive ten processed upgrade eliminates any wind resistance and makes the gravity centre balanced
    • MILITARY MATTE- The MYBY is manufactured using 100 % SVF Alloy thus making it one of the most sturdy and heavy gyro gadget ever
    • UFO BUTTERFLY- Due to its four directional geometrics , the AFA Magazine named this spinner as 'The UFO Butterfly'
    • THE LED RADIANTS- What makes this spinner so special is its unique light gradient . The Hitech blue lights combined with the sadiron red looks really really cool
    • ANTI-SHOCK- Being coated by CS Silicone , the MYBY is completely shock proof and fall proof
    • HANDLE WITH CARE- This is an expensive unique product and a very few pieces were manufactured under our project collaboration with MYBY . So if you get one of these please handle with care and keep it in a good place

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the MYBY® Max . All rights reserved and protected