This is unbelievable right ??? Well, that is what Grey Technologies is about !!!

    • PATENTED LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY- This smart device works on the patented QSS Mav Levitation Technology which eliminates the gravity in that area and makes the pot levitate
    • AUTO CALIBRATION- When you bring the pot in the centre of the base , the smart mechanism automatically detects and calibrates and starts levitating
    • 360° ROTATION -- While in the air , the last automatically starts rotating which looks really cool
    • UNIVERSAL- Supports all kinds and types of plants as well as soil .
    • PLANT SAFETY- The pot features superior triple level insulation which ensures zero risk to the health of the plant so that your little plant grows healthy while flying in thew air
    • WATER PROOF- Most advanced waterproof technology allows you to water your plants without any problem or damage
    • THE MATERIAL- The device is manufactured from the highest quality ABA and premium maple wood thus making it an advanced classic gadget for your home
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a high end product and features revolutionary technology coupled with sturdy geometric constructions thus making it one of the most amazing gadgets of 2020