I LIFE ® PRO SMART ROBOT CLEANER ( Vacuum+ Cleaning+ Mopping)

You would never have to pick up a broom again . Just sit back , press a button ans see the magic

Introducing ILIFE® Pro Smart Robot Cleaner . With vacuuming , cleaning and mopping function all in one - this is certainly the best robotic cleaner in the market

    • SMART CLEANING- The ILIFE ® Pro features a powerful smart sensor chip which calibrates with the intelligent interface to mark the boundaries of the house and carry on efficient cleaning in each and every corner of your house
    • PRECISION CLEANING- Using the Patented IPA Suction Technology , the robot provides enhanced cleaning for your own house
    • MULTI-FUNCTION- The robot includes all the three functions - mopping , cleaning as vacuuming so it can clean the whole house in about 2 hours
    • MULTI-MODE- The robot has multiple modes including edge cleaning , square cleaning and spot cleaning mode
    • WATER TANK- iWater Smart Technology with large water storage bin for mopping function to efficiently remove stains
    • AI- The robot is a learning machine . The software keeps on improving every day to give you better results every day according to your house , floor etc
    • AUTO RETURN- The robot automatically returns to the charging dock when its battery is low
    • NEVER USE YOUR HANDS AGAIN- You literally never have to use your hands again for cleaning . This robot will make sure that your house is clean as always

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