Have you felt what a professional gamer fells like ? If not, then this controller from GameSir® will surely take you into the league

    • GAMING STANDARDS- GameSir® Wave Pro is considered the most respectable and industry standard for mobile gaming
    • ThSupports mobile gaming , Pc gaming and Nintendo Switch gaming
    • TECHNOLOGY- 6 Axis Gyro and silicone plated buttons which give you the smoothest and most dynamic gaming experience
    • PHONE STAND- The Phone stand is very premium and robust giving extreme stability to yourphone
    • CUSTOM BUTTONS- 4 extra Programmable buttons for more personalised experience and complex level gaming
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- Advacned Bluetooth 5.0 Interface which provides amazing connectivity while playing PC games and Mobile games
    • COOL LED GRADIENT- GameSir® Led Backlight which look really stunning while gaming and creates the perfect gaming ambience for your room
    • SHOCKIMMERSION- 2 asymmetric vibration motors which enhance in game immersion and provide a more realistic and real time experience
    • DUAL MODE- Supports both wired and wireless connectivity
    • BATTERY- The inbuilt 3000 mAh lithium battery provides long hours of continuous gameplayType C Thunderbolt Ports for ultra high speed transfer
    • ANTI - SWEAT- Linear silicone triggers which are anti sweat and non slippery thus ideal for professional level gaming
    • RECOMMENDED BY GAMERS- GameSir® Wave Pro is the choice of many famous and influential gamers and also ranked in the AFA's list of Top 10 Gaming Controllers
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