Fensley® Interactive Robot

Guys , we can't even express how much we are excited for this product . This is literally one of the most advanced gadgets we have introduced for you and we are sure that your kids will fall in live with this !!!
    • ADVANCED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE- The robot operates on an advanced Grey Technologies AI Chip which makes it understand the commands , detect the cards and then perform intelligent actions
    • DRAWING INSTRUCTOR- When you swipe a drawing card along the eyes of the robot , it programmes itself and then step by step teaches your kids how to draw that object
    • ALPHABET INSTRUCTOR- Now you don't have to worry about teaching alphabet to your kids . This robot will do the task for you and your kids will love it for sure
    • NUMBERS- The robot also teaches your kids the basics of number system in a very interactive way
    • VOICE FUNCTION- The robot has a inbuilt HD Speaker and instructs the kids to perform actions and thus they are able to learn in a fun way
    • REVOLUTIONISING LEARNING- the robot has certainly revolutionised the way kids learn their basic knowledge and helps to impart intelligence in an interactive way and thus laying firm foundations for children
    • SAFETY CONTROL- Guys we have been in the kids products business for years and our foremost goal has always been the safety of your children . So you can rest assured that our robot is designed from the highest quality material and components

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