AquaVolt®️ Glock Water Gun !!!

Ocean Blue
Unleash aquatic mayhem with our AquaVolt®️ Electric Water Gun . Powered by cutting-edge technology, it blasts water up to 30 feet away. Get ready for a drenching adventure like no other !!!
    • AUTOMATIC WATER GUN | POWER PACK WATER FUN - Our Electric Water Gun delivers an electrifying blast, soaking targets up to 30 feet away
    • ELECTRIC SHOOTING TECHNOLOGY - The proprietary ARForce®️ Motor shoots the water streams with a sonic force thus making the water battles so much more fun !!!
    • UNMATCHED CONVENIENCE | LONG BATTERY LIFE - Lightweight and easy to handle, it ensures hours of non-stop play without hand fatigue. The upgrade Li-Ion Battery provides an ultra long battery life and is easily rechargeable with the included cable
    • DUAL SPRAY MODE - Switch between wide spray for area coverage and concentrated stream for pinpoint accuracy with the electronic water gun
    • LARGE WATER CAPACITY- The Large Water Storage Tank lets you enjoy prolonged battles without frequent refills.
    • SAFETY FIRST SENSOR - Equipped with a smart water sensor, this powerful water gun automatically shuts off when not in use, ensuring accident-free fun