Divoom® Ditoo

Sky Blue
Introducing Divoom® Ditoo  - one of the most appreciated gadgets of 2020 . This Bluetooth speaker has become an internet sensation on Facebook and YouTube . The ultra customisable pixel display screen and the cute retro design certainly makes it. one of the best gadgets of 2020
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end product by Divoom® and has received numerous design awards in 2020
    • 360° SURROUND- The Divoom Ditoo features dual inbuilt stereo subwoofers which provide ultra crisp sound and immersive bass . The seamless surround provides an immersive audio experience that covers the whole room
    • DIY PIXEL ART CREATION- The most amazing feature is that you can create numerous pixel art designs using your smart phone and display them on the screen and also share them in the Ditoo Community
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The advanced bluetooth interface allows seamless connection with all your devices - Android as well as iOS
    • GAMES- You can even play the inbuilt mini games on the Divoom Ditoo and use the DJ Mixer® Function to remix your favourite records
    • SMART ALARM- The Ditoo can also be used as a smart alarm with the special alarm pixel art templates . The smart microchip calibrates the screen with the lighting and sound to give you a peaceful sleeping experience
    • YOUR COMPANION- The Divoom can be your true little companion and can also perform other functions like notifications , lamp, FM, Time Management , Sleep Aid , Voice Memo and much more
    • RETRO INTERFACE- Both the look as well as the controls are retro styles which looks really cool to see and touch
    • THE CRAFTMANSHIP- The craftsmanship and idea behind this wonderful gadget must be appreciated for their months of hard work which brought this product to reality
    • INTERNET SENSATION- The Divoom® Ditoo has become an an internet sensation and is also highly famous in the YouTube Community