If you are looking for a high quality smart speaker for your smart home , then this little speaker from Cowin® is certainly the one for you !!!

    • PROFESSIONAL EDITION - This speaker is designed for professional level music applications and is one of the most reputed speakers for in-home category
    • THE SOUND - The dual micro subwoofers coupled with the triple crystal amplification provide 360 degree Ultra HD Sound with true professional and responsive base which sounds and even feels very good
    • THE DRIVERS- 16-Watt Acoustic Flagship Drivers and frequency response of 50 Hz- 20KHz which provide you a music experience like never before
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 - Bluetooth 5.0 Interface for smooth wireless connection with all your devices - Android, iOS , Windows, MacOS, PS4 and XBOX
    • SMART TOUCH SCREEN- Smart upper retina touch screen to control the operations which looks really cool
    • LARGE BATTERY LIFE - 1100 mAh Large Battery Life for hours of continuous listening and is rechargeable through the USB Cable
    • HI-FI MICROPHONE - Inbuilt High Definition Microphone for streaming and battle Royale and also for hands free calling
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a high end tech product by Cowin® and you'll also know why we are bragging so much about this one