The Nibosi® Wheel Basic | Word's Coolest Watch

The true car lovers have one thing in common - their precision and craze for craftsmanship . And to mark these qualities here is the Nibosi Wheel Hulk Green Edition . This is really the most cool watch for men ever designed and the unique rim like design will make you fall in love with it 
    • LIMITED EDITION- The Nibosi® Wheel is one of the most awaited designer watches of 2021 and is considered status symbol in the car watch category . Rayen Derin from CBSE Fest mentioned this watch as a ' blend of automotive perfection ' 
    • ONE OF ITS KIND -The Nibosi® Wheel is not just a normal watch. This unique watch has come to reality after months of design and perfection and certainly is a true piece of art . Its a driver's edition and symbolises the true love , appreciation and construction behind the making of a car
    • 3D HOLLOW -The 3D Hollow Design creates a reverse gyrodynatmic effect which is considered to be one of the most difficult watch designs ever 
    • DUAL PRECISION -The inbuilt crystal array technology displays the most accurate and precise time with a gradual error markup of less than 0.002 seconds which thus puts it in the category of most high end watches ever created 
    • THE ADJUSTMENT GEAR-The time adjustment gear is designed using a special levertial technology and it gives a very unique mechanical experience while using it and you will certainly have a great experience with this cool watch 
    • THE HANDS -The Green Beryllium plated hands integrated on an equally gorgeous and refined 3D silhouette gives the vibes of a real sports car rims  . It looks really iconic making it the prefect cool watch for men 
    • LEVEL 3 WATERPROOF- The Nibosi® Wheel is IP68 level 3 waterproof rated so there is no risk of damage from water , sweat and can also be used while swimming 
    • A MASTERPIECE- This unique watch is a true masterpiece both in terms of technology and design . Its badass yet elegant and boasts of an artistically crafted rim like design coupled with aviation grade alloy built . Its one of the best tech and fashion investments and literally everyone who sees this watch goes crazy for it
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