MaxAir® Cactus Home Humidifier

 Is this the coolest air humidifier ever ??  

    • MAXAIR FLAGSHIP - This is a premium product by Maxair® and you all know that Maxair® is the industry standard for home based humidifiers
    • ✅THE DESIGN- The humidifier is designed in a very creative way which resembles a cactus and looks really cool
    • SMART HUMIDIFICATION- Built in smart sensing microchips which humidify the room according to the atmosphere and moisture in your room
    • QUIET AND NANO ATOMISATION- The humidifier is completely noiseless and works on nano atomisation principle which ensures uniform humidification in the whole room
    • AIR PURIFYING - If you add some essential oil essence ( like lavender or rose ) , then this device works as a air purifier and purifies , freshens and refines the air thus reducing health hazards
    • COLOURFUL LED LIGHTS- The humidifier has in-Built Smart LED Lights which look really really cool , especially at night
    • LARGE CAPACITY- Large 200 ml water capacity which is suitable for whole day operation
    • DUAL MODE- The speed of the operations (continuous and intermittent ) can be changed according to your convenience
    • USB INPUT KEY SWITCH - One Key Switch control when connected through USB Cable which is very easy and comfortable to use ( can be also used by connecting to your power bank or laptop )
    • PREMIUM BUILT AND 100% SAFE- The humidifier is built using highest grade certified material and is 100% safe . As always , you can absolutely be sure about the quality of our products



    • Cleans and Purifies the air and reduces potential respiratory hazards
    • Keeps your skin moist and prevents drying and deterioration of skin which acts as an anti-ageing therapy
    • Reduce stress, create a calm soothing atmosphere and is highly recommended if you are doing yoga or meditation
    • Keeps the body cells hydratedto the effective and prevents from many diseases
    • Portable and easy to carry anywhere
    • Effectively reduces headaches , cracked lips and dry throat