If you are looking for a humidifier for your smart home, then we can bet that you will not find anything cuter than this
    • 🌵SMART HUMIDIFICATION-Built in smart sensing microchips which humidify the room according to the atmosphere in your room
    • 🌵ULTRA COOL  DESIGN-This humidifier is so cool that you will keep staring it while its doing its job
    • 🌵WARM NIGHT LIGHT-The humidifier has in-Built Smart warm night  Lights which creates a soothing , clam atmosphere
    • 🌵LARGE CAPACITY-Large 300 ml water capacity which is suitable for whole day operation
    • 🌵QUIET AND NANO ATOMIZATION-The humidifier is completely noiseless and works on nano atomization principle which ensures uniform humidification in the whole room
    • 🌵USB INPUT KEY SWITCH -One Key Switch control when connected through USB Cable which is very easy and comfortable to use
    • 🌵PREMIUM BUILT AND 100% SAFE-The humidifier is built using highest grade certified material and is 100% safe . You can stay assured about the quality of our products


    • Cleans and purifies the air and makes it more healthier for breathing
    • Keeps your skin moist and prevents drying and deterioration of skin
    • Helps in keeping the skin young, rejuvenated and as per health reports- it also contributes in anti-ageing process
    • Reduce stress, create a calm soothing atmosphere
    • Keeps the body cells fully hydrated and prevents from many diseases
    • Suitable for Yoga Exercises
    • Portable and esy to carry anywhere