The Orbeez Gun

Guys , its official - this is the coolest gadget we have launched for you . This Orbeez Gun is certainly the best water gun ever designed and its force - oh boy, you are gonna love it !!!
    • ELECTIRC ORBEEZ GUN- The water gun rifle uses battery to shoot Orbeez thus giving you a kind of full airsoft battle experience and the force with which it shoots is higher than any other toy gun on the market 
    • THE POWER- Being operated by battery , the gun shoots the orbeez at a very powerful speed ( 20 rounds per second ) . And we have ourselves  tried  , you can easily shoot off things like soda cans , bottles , jars etc. ( we sometimes play friendly airsoft challenges in the office and its a lot of fun )
    • LONG RANGE- Its a big water gun and also due to the high per second shoot rate , the range of the orbeez can easily go upto 20 metres or even more
    • LASER TARGETING- With the mounted laser , you can lock your targets for a better and more accurate shorting experience and that's good for playing challenges with your friends 
    • THE DESIGN- We have designed it exactly like a real gun and with all the extensions - muzzle , silencer , extended silicone grip , it looks real cool . Its a very realistic toy gun and also the Orbeez won't hurt anyone so its suitable for all age ranges 
    • LARGE ORBEEZ TANK- The magazine tank can hold upto 500 Orbeez so you don't have to reload again and again ( We have included 10000 extra Orbeez in the package )