BASEUS® Smart Tire Inflator

Still using the old wrong way to refill your car and bike tires ??? Its 21st Century Guys !!! 😲 

Meet the smart revolutionary tire inflator by Baseus® . This automatic electric smart pump is surely a breakthrough in the automobile industry . Just connect the device to the tire you want to inflate , press the button and you are good to go !!!

    • INTELLIGENT INTERFACE- No need of any manual work . Just connect the correct siphon to your tire , push the switch and the device will automatically perform the task
    • CAPACITY- The smart tire inflator features 7500 mAh Lithium ion Battery and can be recharged through the normal USB Cable
    • DUAL HEXA INFLATION- The patented hexa inflation technology fills the whole tire in just a matter of few seconds
    • UNIVERSAL- The smart tire inflator is suitable for inflating all types of tires of cars , motorcycles , Harleys , cycles a, footballs and even your domestic swimming pool
    • SMART MICROCHIP- The inbuilt smart microchip automatically detects the air pressure and thus fills the air according to that
    • LED DISPLAY- The smart LED Display clearly shows the data of the tire health and the filling speed and time
    • PORTABLE- Being very lightweight and portable - this tire inflator can be easily carried in the trunk of your car
    • THE BUILT- Being built from premium industrial grade aluminium and zinc , the tire inflator is highly durable and provides unparalleled efficiency

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